RIP Equipment

Here are pics of most of our "ghost hunting" equipment.
Have any questions about our equipment or any other related issue
please contact us. Thank you for your interest.

FLIR Systems is an Official Equipment Sponsor for
"What Lies Beyond? A Quest for the Truth."
The FLIR P660 Thermal Camera is Amazing!
Our Olympus SP-600 Came with a Decent Kit,
Including an 8GB Memory Card, Tripod,
Cleaning Kit & Utilitarian Camera Case.


The Olympus SP-600 Takes Great Pics.
Unforfortunately, No Night Vision Capability
But it Takes Great Pictures & Video.

The Bell & Howell DNV900HD Does Have
Night Vision. We have a handle gripped mounting bracket
for our Polaroid Infrared Light.
NOTE: With most NV cameras, you need to use
an extra Infrared light to boost the view depth. 
The B&H isn't great for taking regular pictures,
but the NV video does much better
when the IR light is added.
We use the EMF Field Tester, K-2 Meter
& Gauss Meter for detecting energy fields.

The P-SB7 ITC Research Device (Spirit Box)
AM/FV Frequency Sweep Radio is perfect
for hearing realtime EVPs. 

Our Olympus & Sony Digital Voice Recorders
Are Used for EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) Sessions.
NOTE: Make sure when you buy a digital voice recorder 
that it has USB capability. Otherwise, it's harder to get
the EVP recordings into your computer analyzing programs. 
We Use Our Ryobi Digital Thermometer
to Verify Heat/Cold Signature Temperatures.
Note: Make Sure Your Digital Thermometer
Has a Backlight Feature 

Don't Forget Your Basic Essentials:
Flash Lights, PLENTY of Batteries,
Any Necessary Computer Equipment,
Cables/Cords for All Equipment,
Tripods, Duct Tape, Lens Cleaning Kit,
& Drinks to Hydrate.

We' love to hear from you. Let us know if you hve any questions. You can email us at  
Proceeds going to help with production costs for our upcoming paranormal show "What Lies Beyond? A Quest for the Truth." Please show your support. Thank you!