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RIP Co-Founders to Speak at "S.O.B.-Spirits of Birmingham Rockin' the Paranormal Fest" July 27-28, 2012!

FINALLY RELEASED! Full Premiere Episode of "What Lie Beyond? The Montgomery House: Touched by the Darkness."

Check Out the New YouTube Video with Montgomery House Evidence!

RIP Co-Founders to Speak at Frontier Para Con at Stanley Hotel in 2012!

WLB Has Passed July in Only Half of August! 19400 Hits Total in Only 14 Weeks!

RIP Welcomes Bangladesh & Palestinian Territories to Our List of Countries!

It's Here! "What Lies Beyond?" Trailer Just Released. See It Here.

We'd Love to Thank Preacher Stone for Use of "Can't Keep a Good Man Down" as the Theme Song!

JUST IN! FLIR Systems Sponsors "What Lies Beyond?"

RIP Welcomes Namibia, Kenya & Tunisia to Our List of Countries! 70 Countries & Counting!

Our Blog Had over 5600 Hits for July! Thanks for the Support Everyone!

Don't Miss RIP's FIRST Radio Interview with Candy O'Donnell!

"What Lies Beyond?" has Secured Two Investigation Locations for the Upcoming Webcast Show

Attention RIP FANS: Any Musicians/Bands Interested in Some Free Publicity? Check This Out!

RIP Welcomes Laos to Our List of Countries! 67 Countries & Counting!

"We Want to Welcome Columbia, Turkey & Egypt to Our List of Countries..."

"Check Out Our 'Ghost Girl' Pics! What Do You Think?"

"Looking Forward to the 'What Lies Beyond' Webcast Show? Click Here for More Info."

"RECORD MONTH! We Had 6829 Hits for June! Thanks for the Support Everyone!..."

"We've Added Over 700 Followers in Twitter in Only 8 Weeks!..."

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