Sunday, October 23, 2011

RIP Co-Founders to Speak at Frontier Para Con at Stanley Hotel in 2012!

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado
RIP co-founders, Chris Matheny & Kimberly  Brouillette are honored to announce being asked to be on the speaker team for Frontier Para Con May 4-5, 2012 at the STANLEY HOTEL! 

Don't miss the first paranormal conference to be held at this famous hotel, which was the inspiration for Steven King's best-selling novel, "The Shining"! Get your room before they are all booked up.

Kimberly Brouillette & Chris Matheny
Co-Founders of Research Institute of the Paranormal
Co-Creators of "What Lies Beyond? A Quest for the Truth"
Additional Speakers for Frontier Para Con
The Booth Brothers

Christopher Lien, Nate Lien and John Tenney from
Paranormal State: The New Class

Kris Allen

Karen Rontowski

Lee Alen & David Jones

Julie Krystina

Scott Gruenwald
Bryson Kanouse from
"Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal on A&E"

Scotty Rorek

Deb Lantz - Psychic Medium
Nick Lantz - Psychic Medium

Robyne Marie - Spritual Medium

Tammy Luthi-Retzlaff & Judi Swan
From Supernatural Explorations
Richard Contreras - Demonologist

Kevin Bryan

Justin Erik

Joe Couto
Rick Hale

Gary Manley

Kimberli Ridgeway

Kat Klockow

Chris Maggard

Dan Guthrie - Owner of Haunted Entertainment

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