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PART 1 "My Haunted Life": Hello, My Name is Chris Matheny..." Based on True Events by Chris Matheny

"My Haunted Life"
Part 1: Hello, My Name is Chris Matheny…
Based on True Events

"Suspended in the Air Right
In Front of My Face was
an African Ceremonial Mask.
It was Brightly Colored,
and Had Teeth Carved in it
to Resemble Shark Teeth."
It’s funny how life can surprise you the way it does. As a child, one has certain expectations of the future. Then life intervenes and all of your hopes and dreams can be dashed upon the rock like wreckage from an ancient ship. All that remains are the crumbled hopes and dreams, and the prayers of a child for justice. Sometimes that justice lies just out of reach, and sometimes that justice lies in another world. A world other than the one we all see.

Most people go blindly about their business without ever looking up or asking why. These same people live within the confines of their reality, and suffer no room for any view that contradicts what they hold to be the truth. For them there is only what is seen in the “real” world. They have no understanding of the other side of the coin. If they can’t see it then it doesn’t exist. 
My name is Chris Matheny, and after decades of silent torment, I am finally going to tell my story. These events have been locked away inside my heart and soul for way too long. There is within me a need to share this with the world, in hope that I can help some small child that may be suffering just as I did. It is my most fervent wish that you, the reader, should not dismiss my testimony out of hand. Please, read this with an open mind and heart. Together, maybe we can unravel the mysteries behind my haunted life.
The year was 1975, and we had just moved from Ft. Jackson, SC back to Concord, NC. My father had been transferred to Germany, and my mother was expecting her third son. She wanted to be closer to her parents, so her father found us an inexpensive little mill house that was right down the street from their home.
My Brother, Brian, and I Enjoyed a
Family Visit to the "Land of OZ"
in Banner Elk, NC.
There was no feeling of dread upon arrival. I didn’t feel threatened or watched. In truth, I don’t even know if I knew what ghosts were. The house was small having only two bedrooms and one bath. “Quaint” would be the word I would use to describe it. The house sat just of the road with a dirt driveway going sharply up a small hill, and identical houses sat on either side of it.
One night, in the fall of our first year that we lived in that little house, I was in bed resting easy and feeling the hands of sleep beginning to caress my eyes. My brother and mother were already asleep as the dull roar of their snoring informed all that passed by. I had become used to their nightly opera of snorts and rumbles, and found no trouble in sleeping among the den of noise.
Sleep was about to claim me for the night when I heard a noise that caused me to rouse from my slumbering state. I sat paralyzed with fear in my bed, my ears strained to make out any noises in the darkness. In silence, the seconds dragged on for hours and just when I thought that I was imagining things, I heard it again. Soft and low, it came to me between the snores of my loved ones. A low chanting, or murmuring sound, began to be discernable within the house.
I was about to call to my brother on the other side of the room when I saw it. A figure made of dark shadows stepped into the hallway. We froze, neither of us moving for several pounding heartbeats. My breath was shallow and resistant to my efforts to relax. The figure turned and walked through the wall.
"...Her Father Found us an
Inexpensive Little Mill House
that was Right Down the Street
from Their Home."
The shock was terrible and immediate. I collapsed to the bed and buried myself under my covers. I laid there cowering in the dark listening to the snores of my family and the soft shuffling sound of something moving around the house. I remained there being completely still for as long as I could, but in the end, I had to poke my head out for some fresh air. That decision changed forever the course of my life and opened my eyes to a world that others don’t often glimpse.

Suspended in the air right in front of my face was an African ceremonial mask. It was brightly colored, and had teeth carved in it to resemble sharks teeth. There was no one holding or wearing the mask. It just floated there in front of me.
With a shriek of terror, I retreated to the safety of my magic blankets. Doesn’t every kid think that blankets will save them from the boogeyman? I cowered under my covers screaming until my mother took me to her room with her for the rest of the night. I am not sure that I slept at all.
In the morning, I was told that it was a nightmare. It seems funny now, because I know that I was wide-awake. Little did I know that my haunted life was just beginning, and this little episode was merely the calm before the storm.

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