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PART 3 "My Life with Chris": Happy Father’s Day, Daddy! ~ Love, Your Scooby Doo

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy! ~ Love, Your Scooby Doo
PART 3: “My Life with Chris”
A Blog Journal about Our Whacky Lives by Kimberly Brouillette, MA
As I contemplated the topic for this segment on the eve of Father’s Day, I had a difficult time deciding on what to write about. This time of year is always difficult for me, since my father passed away fifteen years ago. His death changed my life forever.
As a side note, I wish to say:
Happy Father’s Day, Daddy! ~ Love, Your Scooby Doo…
(Also, happy Father’s Day to all the fathers reading this story.)
My Eldest Daughter was Born
on My Dad's Birthday. She Was the
Only Grandchild He Got to Meet in Life
& He Loved Her Dearly.
Whenever Father’s Day comes around each June, I always feel a twinge of sadness. I miss and love my father, and still think of him regularly. It is for this reason that I ask you to allow me to tell you a quick story about my life before Chris.
After nine months
of fighting, he lost
his battle and his life
on April 20, 1996.

My father, Jack, was well loved and loved well. That is why it was so hard when we found out he had cancer in the early 90’s. Our family stuck together, and we thought he had beaten cancer twice over a 3-year period. Then in 1995, we found out that he had liver cancer, with low survival odds.
After nine months of fighting, he lost his battle and his life on April 20, 1996. Although he was very loved, there was a certain amount of relief to see his suffering end. My 49 year old father, once over 200 pounds, weighed only 87 pounds when he passed.
Fortunately, the sadness I feel over his death is always tempered with peace. On the day of his death, he slipped into a coma for about six hours. Just moments before he died, he opened his eyes and looked upward towards the ceiling. He smiled sweetly and then his body suddenly sagged back into his bed. His spirit had gone, and he was free. His peaceful smile gave comfort to my grieving heart & I knew he was in a better place.
Since his death, I have taken more of an interest in the spiritual realm. I even earned my Master of Arts degree in Biblical Studies. I now see that this was part of my effort to understand what happens to us when we die. Where do we go? What do we do? What do we think about? My curiosity and intellectual hunger motivate me to continue in the pursuit of the unknown.

R.I.P. is a Not-For-Profit
Organization Dedicated
To Research Unexplained 
& Paranormal Phenomenon. 
I now spend a great deal of my time working to resolve these questions with more accurate answers than we have to date. Therefore, I find it slightly funny that the first nickname my father gave me as a baby was “Scooby Doo.” However, now, instead of being “Scoob,” I have the opportunity to be “Daphne,” with the intelligence of “Velma.” I have my “Fred” with the spirit of “Shaggy,” but I think mine is better looking. (I’ve always preferred men with darker hair over blondes.) 
Today, I love having the opportunity to do investigations. Just like Scooby Doo and the “gang” would solve a mystery, I get to seek answers to the questions that drive me. I even get to pursue them with my best friend, Chris.
"I find it slightly funny
that the first nickname
my father gave me
as a baby was
'Scooby Doo.'"
(My Mom, Dad & Me, 
3 Years Old) 
Together, we have been able to form “Research Institute of the Paranormal.” The main purpose is to seek answers for unexplained and paranormal phenomenon. In addition, we will aid those who need paranormal assistance, in whatever way is feasible. We do not charge for services to those we assist.
I’d love to give you a quick overview of the ventures we have undertaken. As part of these efforts, we have created a website, Facebook pages for RIP & WLB, YouTube channel, Twitter account, logos and a blog (what you are reading now). We even have an online store with RIP & WLB merchandise, including hats, shirts, bags and other gear. Profits will go towards production costs for the show. All of those sites are linked to the words above if you wish to peruse them.
If you haven’t had a chance to check out our other stories, I would recommend starting with “My Haunted Life,” by Chris Matheny. There is also the series I am writing called My Life with Chris,” which is about many things we deal with as a “haunted” family. Several other short blogs about an obscure topic or our current company status are also on this blog site. If you are moved by any of the stories, please let us know. We only wish to create, write and produce quality stories and entertainment.
We are in Pre-Production for
This Entertaining
Documentary Webcast Show.
In addition, we are have produced our first episode of our entertaining paranormal documentary show called, “What Lies Beyond? A Quest for the Truth” (WLB), which is produced by Step into the Light Productions. We captured SO much evidence at the Montgomery House in N.C., that we split that investigation into two episodes. We hope to have our second episode finished by the end of April. 

WLB focuses on researching paranormal evidence at historically significant locations. We also investigate a variety of topics, including angels & demons, Bigfoot, lake/river monsters, UFO’s and other unexplained phenomenon. Any evidence that we find will be obtained through controlled scientifically recognized methods. Nothing will EVER be tampered with to alter the actual results.  
Chris Matheny is Co-founder of RIP & co-producer, co-director, writer, host, lead investigator & audio/video editor for "What Lies Beyond?" He has lived with spiritual activity since he was five years old. Chris’ personality and sense of humor, combined with his long-term experience with the paranormal, make him the perfect candidate to lead the investigations for WLB. He even had a successful TV show for three years when he was slightly younger.
"Chris Matheny is Co-founder of RIP & writer/host/lead investigator
for the Upcoming Webcast Show "What Lies Beyond?"
Many nights Chris and I ramble on about various intriguing topics. Sometimes he will tell me a story from his past, and others may be something that he wrote. His ability to tell a story with a creative flare makes me always come back for more. Several of his great stories were even published in periodicals.  
I  Am Kimberly Brouillette, Co-Founder of RIP
& Co-Producer/Co-Director for "What Lies Beyond?"
It has been his life’s goal to understand the unknown. In trying to find answers, he has searched and read countless resources in an effort to become an expert on the occult, mythology, witchcraft, cryptozoology, history, martial arts, military tactics, and weapons. To top it off, he is empathic with additional psychic abilities of varying degrees, so it’s understandable why this natural evolution to co-create RIP and WLB has occurred. 
"I Have Edited
25 Published Books,
Including this One
Available Online
Through Amazon & B&N."
For those who do not know, my name is Kimberly Brouillette. As I have mentioned previously, I have a Bachelor of Science in Geology/Earth Sciences and a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies with a concentration on Biblical Archaeology. In addition, I have over twenty years of experience in graphic design, writing, editing, art direction, production, project management, web development, as well as sales and marketing. I am fortunately able to utilize all of these skills as co-producer, co-director, lead investigator, graphic designer, editor, video/audio editor & production manager in producing WLB.
In addition, I have edited approximately 25 published books and was contributing editor for “Abram’s Journey: A Quest for the Man in the Stars,” by Pamilla S Tolen with Kimberly Brouillette. I have had many published articles in magazines, worked as a professional blogger for a web development company, and currently work for a publishing company of a regional magazine, Cabarrus Business Magazine in Concord, NC. I say all of this not to “toot our own horns,” but to give you an idea of the vast experience Chris and I have between us to do what we enjoy and have a passion for….finding the truth.
I find it rather ironic that my first nickname became symbolic of a major aspect of my life today. The great thing is that all of our combined education, talents, training, scientific and analytical approach, psychic abilities, professional experience, and personalities work perfectly together. Fortunately, we have been given the tools that we need and the intelligence to use them. Now, will you help us by supporting us and RIP with our entertaining paranormal documentary, “What Lies Beyond? A Quest for the Truth”?
To show your support, please join our Facebook group to support our show. Click here to join. We appreciate all those who support us. Thank you so much! It helps keep us motivated to continue on our quest.
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Thank you!
Chris & Kim

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  1. While his life ended at that, I still believe that God has His reason for calling him to be on His side. It is great to hear that he died with a peaceful smile.


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