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My Life with Chris: "You're Pulling My Leg, Mr. Mean!"

"My Life with Chris"
Part 4:  You're Pulling My Leg, Mr. Mean!
A Blog Journal About Our Whacky Lives By Kimberly Brouillette, MA
Kimberly Brouillette & Chris Matheny
Co-Founders, Research Institute of the Paranormal
After moving in with Chris, almost two years ago, my life changed rather quickly in ways I had never anticipated previously. In only a matter of weeks, things began to happen which cannot be explained with “normal” understanding. I’ve already touched on some of those occurrences briefly in a previous segment. (See Part 2: “SODA You Believe Now?") All I can say is that I know we have consistent and sometimes prolific spiritual activity.

...We have had experiences with
at least four to five separate spirits
in our home regularly.
What do I mean by prolific? As far as Chris & I can tell, we have had experiences with at least four to five separate spirits in our home regularly. This is in addition to the long-term and unique relationship that Chris has had with his guardian spirit, or some would say ‘angel,’ named Red. (See Chris’ series, “My Haunted Life” to find out more about Red.)

These encounters and their frequency seem to be cyclical in nature. Usually, there are two to three months of heavier paranormal activity, followed by approximately equivalent time periods of reduced activity. Of course, certain contributing factors can enhance activity, such as lightning, lunar cycles, and even emotional states.

Most of the spirits we have encountered are benign in nature and do not mean us any harm. They simply exist and we see evidence of them, but they have never tried to harm us in any way. One spirit, however, was not that way. I like to call him Mr. Mean.

It was about a year ago that we first encountered Mr. Mean. For weeks, we would wake up almost every night to loud noises in our bedroom. The loudest would come from the our closet, his favorite place to hide. It wasn’t uncommon to hear coat hangers sliding up and down the pole, large boxes falling from seated positions on the shelves, or even the door itself opening.

In the bedroom, we would usually hear his footsteps across the carpet, or rustling papers on the desk while we laid quietly in the bed. (And for the skeptics out there, we do not have any evidence of mice in our apartment. In addition, we did not have any airflow that would cause those results.) In almost every instance, both of us were awakened and confirmed with each other specific sounds that we heard.
Most of the spirits simply exist,
and we see evidence of them.
The activity seemed to go on for days at a time, and was beginning to be a nuisance. However, at first it was just a bunch of noise. With so many years of paranormal activity, it was not something that particularly frightened least at first.

As the days turned into weeks, the “nuisance” became angry. Two specific instances were some of the scariest I have every experienced in my life. One afternoon in particular, I was talking to Chris as I sat at the foot of our bed. I faced him as he sat where he would normally sleep, which was about two to three feet away from me.

Red has always been
a good and protective being.
Suddenly, from behind my right shoulder, a deep and raspy growl raised the hair on the back of my neck. I sat completely still as I felt the resonating breath on my skin. Before I could say a word, the frightening sound repeated and all of the hair on my body stood straight up. I knew that the presence was not friendly.

I could tell by the look in his eyes, that Chris had heard the disturbing sound as well. Immediately, I jumped straight up in the air and landed in Chris’ arms. The malevolent spirit was not something to be ignored and I did not want to have my back to it at all. Fortunately, we are not without some spiritual understanding, and Chris took initiative immediately. 

“You are not welcome here, evil spirit!” Chris shouted “You must leave now!” He continued to reprimand the presence, until we could sense it had left a few moments later. 

It seemed to work, at least for a few days. After almost a week without negative incident, we thought that Mr. Mean was gone. Little did we know, what he would try to do when he returned.

We would hear our normal sounds of shuffling footsteps across the kitchen floor, or even see the shadow person that resides in the main bathroom. We would even hear voices on occasion, but they were not Mr. Mean.

I guess we made him very angry though, because he did come back with a vengeance. One night in particular,  we had just gotten settled in bed for the night. Our bedroom is usually either too hot or too cold. That night, I could not get comfortable, so I left one leg out from under the sheet, while the other remained covered.

As I dangled my foot slightly over the edge, I felt something grasp my ankle. At first, I thought it was my imagination, but a second later I realized I was wrong.  Something unseen began to pull on my leg, trying to drag me off of the bed.

I called for Chris, who had just fallen asleep. To his amazement, he awoke to this horrific situation. Immediately, he grabbed me under the arms to pull me towards him. For a few seconds, I became like a “human tug-of-war rope,” dangling several inches above the bed, between  Chris and Mr. Mean.

Determined to force Mr. Mean to leave, Chris tried something he had never done before. He called for his spiritual guardian, Red, to come and take care of the situation. Almost right away, the negative atmosphere in the room dissipated and everything was completely quiet and still.

The following morning, Chris told me that he could sense Red was there. He even saw his tall, dark form by the bed prior to falling asleep. In previous experiences throughout Chris’ life, Red has always been a good and protective being. So it would stand to reason that, when called upon, he would make sure that we will be safe.

I realize for those of you who are skeptics, this may seem impossible, crazy or at best, imagined. However, I assure you that everything I have discussed here are completely true. Both Chris and I encountered these events together, and we are both completely sure of what took place.
Part 5 Coming Soon….

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