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Distressed children are of special concern to us.
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Testimonial 1:

To: Whom It May Concern
Re:Research Institute of the Paranormal

My name is Margaret. I am an intelligent, rational, highly-educated, 50 year old woman. I have always been interested in the spiritual side of life. I have studied Christianity, Buddhism,and Native American beliefs, as well as several Eastern religions. However, I recently had several experiences involving a different kind of spirituality. I am speaking of ghosts.
It all started when a dear friend confided to me that her house was haunted. There were several incidents of poltergeist-like activity. She, along with her children,were afraid. A born skeptic, I went to the home. There was definitely something strange going on. I heard, saw, and smelled things that were not there. Her sons bedroom in particular had a menacing gloom. Quite frankly, the house gave me the creeps. 
At this point I contacted the Research Institute of the Paranormal. It was such a relief to speak with Kimberly! She and Chris answered all my questions, and provided me with practical solutions to deal with the situation. In fact, Kimberly "held my hand," so to speak, during a long and scary night when I had to babysit the children there.

In addition, Chris took the time to contact my friends son,who had been the most affected by the entity. "K" was so relieved to discover he was not "crazy," just very sensitive to the paranormal world.

Chris and Kimberly advised us on how to do a spiritual "cleansing",which we did promptly. It was amazing how much brighter "K's" room became after we did it! They also told us how to use sea salt for protection, to keep the entity from returning.

Thanks to the Research Institute of the Paranormal,my friend and her family have their house back. Words cannot adequately express our gratitude. Their professional expertise saved the day! (Or should I say,the night?! ha ha)
All kidding aside, Kimberly and Chris are caring professionals. I can personally vouch for their knowledge of the paranormal, as well as their compassion in dealing with those of us who are affected by things we cannot explain. THANK YOU, RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF THE PARANORMAL!

Margaret S.
RIP Comments:
On a personal note, it was an honor and a priviledge to assist Margaret and her friends. It is fulfilling to help those in need, especially children. We continue to remain at their service.
Your friends,
Chris & Kim

Testimonial 2:
Kimberly & Chris,
I has been a pleasure getting to know you both. I look forward to investigating with you both. There are a lot of groups out there, but few have the ethics you both have. Since I've gotten to know you, I just wish we lived closer together. Your clients will be blessed to not only know they are getting a team with your ethics; but a team that truly cares & has the experience you have. 
I look forward to working with you & wish you both good health. Be safe!

Susan J.

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