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PART 2 "My Life with Chris": “SODA You Believe Now?"

“My Life with Chris”
Part 2: "SODA" You Believe Now?
A Blog Journal about Our Whacky Lives By Kimberly Brouillette
Day in and day out, most people do not encounter many paranormal experiences. The exceptions to the rule usually fall into one of four categories:
1)     People who live in haunted homes or work in haunted locations,
2)     People who have had near-death experiences,
3)     Psychics or “sensitives” to the spiritual realm, and
4)     People who seek to find evidence of the paranormal.
In my particular life, I happen to live with a “sensitive” who’s had several “near death” experiences. To top it off I have had at least one near death experience, and we live in an apartment that has spiritual activity on a regular basis. So, imagine what it’s like now that we actually investigate the paranormal…I couldn’t say that a few years ago.

For about a year, I dated Chris and found out about all of his unusual “history.” I was a little skeptical of his tales (read Chris’ journal, “My Haunted Life” on this blog for those stories), but I already believed in the spiritual realm and paranormal activity. Little did I know that about a month after we moved in together, that any skepticism would completely go out the window.

It began with only a few unusual sensations of being watched, especially at night when going to bed. As I laid there completely still, I would hear light footsteps move across the carpet, and even sense that they would stop by the bed many times. I sensed that it was staring down at me, and I would see a dark figure that was darker than normal compared to the rest of the room. Moving closer to Chris, as he slept, I'd close my eyes and just remind myself that if it was something, I didn't think it would hurt us. It hadn't shown and violent activity up to that point in time. 

Chris Matheny & I Love to Go on RIP Investigations.
We Think We Caught a Little Girl  Staring Out the Window.
Look in the Lower Left Pane. What Do You Think?
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A time or two, I thought I heard a voice in the room, and usually it was a soft moan. On many occassions, I'd hear the doors creak open and movement in our closet. Again, I'd lay there as still as I could, not daring to allow fear to control me. I even saw a shadow move near the bathroom in front of a white door (even though no one was close by at all), but I just disregarded it as my imagination. Then, “it” happened, leaving no doubt at all.
Chris and I were in our bedroom one evening when we heard a loud thud in the living room. I ran to the door only a second later to see that my daughter was standing in her doorway with Chris’ son, Tristan, just behind her. The two of them looked out just as we were. She was about 10 feet away from a soda can lying on the floor, and now draining onto the carpet.
That same can had been sitting untouched and three-quarters full on the coffee table for over an hour. Chris had left it there and forgotten to take it with him when he came to the bedroom. It was approximately 4” from the edge and sitting on a coaster with a non-skid bottom. The fan was not going, and there were no doors or windows open. Obviously, we cleaned the mess up right away.
Initially, I was ready to yell at my daughter for making a mess. However, when I stepped out of the bedroom to find her 10 feet away from the can, and just as surprised as we were, we all compared stories. Chris and I were in the bedroom, so we didn’t mess with it. Chris’ son and my daughter were in the other room at the same time, playing video games. We all jumped up at the same time to find the soda can on the floor.
We had no normal explanation for any reason it should have happened. The can wasn’t light since it was three-quarters full. It was on a non-skid coaster, and was not too close to the edge. There was no fan or major wind blowing, and no one was close to the can when it happened. That’s when it came to us. Chris’ stories of being haunted may be true.
Chris immediately said, “I guess Red stopped by to say ‘Hello.’”
"We’d Leave the Apartment
with (the Stuffed Animal) 
Placed in Front of the Stereo to
Come Back and Find It was
Turned Around or Moved
Completely to Another Room."
In talking about the incident, we realized that little things had been happening for a week or two already. Unusual voices in the room, sounds that we heard, shadow people and simple eerie sensations had been felt by everyone. Red seemed to have returned to “meet” Chris’ new family members.
In looking back, this one event spawned a flurry of activity that kept going on for a couple of months. We even had fun with it. My daughter has this one stuffed animal that wears a skeleton costume. She had told us that Red liked to move it around on a regular basis, so we tried working with that. We’d leave the apartment with it placed in front of the stereo to come back and find it was turned around or moved completely to another room. It was kind of fun but strange nonetheless.
We began to see “orbs” of white light that would travel from our bathroom to the living room and up through the ceiling. We even would see shadow people going in and out of the bathroom. Other times, we’d hear someone walk, shuffling their feet across the kitchen floor, yet no one was there. The sounds we heard were in the same room, mere feet away.
Chris and I would hear all sorts of sounds, as well as see orbs at the same time on a regular basis. Then we’d just turn towards each other and have that “did you hear that?” look on our faces. Appropriately enough, that usually happened when we’d watch some of our favorite shows, like “Ghost Adventures” or “Ghost Hunters.” I think that the spirits respond to the questions that we hear on the shows as we’re watching them. It happens too often for them not to. LOL
Although I know this event is very sedate compared to many I have experienced since, I have to admit that it was the first major one I had experienced on that level. I just wish one of us had seen it actually happen. Obviously, I can’t prove what the cause of it was, but it was believable enough for me to feel that it was a real paranormal experience. You can choose to believe me or not.
Since then, we’ve continued to have very cyclical periods of activity. We’ll have 2-3 months when it will be very active, and then it will become almost non-existent for the next 2-3 months. I’ve been tracking it ever since, and it almost runs like clockwork. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you about our other “residents” in upcoming segments. We believe there are four of them, including Red.
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