Thursday, August 18, 2011

WLB Has Passed July in Only Half of August! Over 19500 Hits Total in Only 14 Weeks!

Thanks Everyone! We Keep Being Amazed...
WLB Has Passed July in Only Half of August! 
Over 19500 Hits and Counting in Only 14 weeks.  
Almost 6000 hits in August so far & over 19,500 hits in only 3 months. We're moving right along...We are THRILLED! Imagine once we produce our first episode of "What Lies Beyond?"

We also had significant growth in all of our Facebook Pages' Views & Likes, YouTube Channel Views & Website Visits. To top things off, we've gathered almost 760 Twitter followers! RIP & WLB are growing exponentially. Thanks so much everyone for the support! We appreciate it greatly.

To help us spread the word about RIP & WLB, we'd be thrilled if you would repost links to our stories on your Facebook pages. It's EASY to do too! Just click the "F" in the little widget at the end of your favorite posts. It will automatically request to post it on your FB wall. Please tell others about RIP & WLB.

We' love to hear your feedback! Please find us on Facebook for both RIP & WLB. (See the links below.)  

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Plenty of official RIP & WLB shirts, hats, bags and other gear available. More then 90 items to choose from.
Proceeds going to help o-up production costs for our upcoming paranormal show. Please show your support!

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