Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chris Tells His Story for the First Time!

Hello, my name is Chris Matheny, and I would like to tell you why I am interested in the paranormal. Some people question whether the paranormal is real or not. For me, this is not a question.

I received my proof at the age of five, when I saw my first ghost. This created in me a desperate need to know to truth behind paranormal phenomenon.

I have spent a lifetime researching and studying a myriad of subjects. These include everything that fascinated me; from the occult to witchcraft; ghosts and haunted places to demonic possession; as well as Big Foot and Stonehenge. This ultimately lead me to co-found the organization, Research Institute of the Paranormal in an endeavor to further understand these phenomenon.

Over the coming months on this blog, I will begin to relate many of the occurrences I have witnessed and that have been a part of my life. So, if you’re interested in the paranormal, check back from time to time to read the latest installment of my blog.

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