Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Aports? I didn't believe in them until a couple of months ago, but I do now."

"I Got Up to See What It Was.
There in the Middle of
the Kitchen Floor was a
Large, 1/2" Metal Ball Bearing 
Much Like the Type
Used in Heavy Equipment."
Has anyone ever heard of an aport? I have heard of them but didn't actually believe in them, until a couple of months ago.

Kim and I were sitting on the couch while watching TV one night, when suddenly there was the sound of something dropping on the kitchen floor and rolling only a few inches. It sounded almost like a marble.

I got up to see what it was. There in the middle of the kitchen floor was a large, 1/2" metal ball bearing much like the type used in heavy equipment. We own nothing that requires this ball bearing, except maybe our car, and I assure you that wouldn't be in the kitchen. LOL

There was no discernible explanation for its presence there. It did not roll from somewhere like a closet. It was in the middle of the floor and had dropped from somewhere. We heard it hit the floor and roll for a short distance, yet there was nowhere or nothing for it to have fallen from.

If we hadn't been sitting on the couch and actually heard this event, I would never have believed it possible. However, I know what I heard, and I know that Kim heard it also. That metal ball bearing appeared in mid-air and fell a few inches to the kitchen floor, where it bounced and rolled slightly, then came to a stop only a second later.

This simple metal ball bearing now means more than it ever would have before. It is currently in my pocket to serve as a constant reminder that we don't know as much as we think we do.

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  1. Well, I certainly haven't had things appear, but HAVE had them DISAPPEAR. While living in Portland, one night my husband came home and gave me his paycheck. I was sitting in a particular chair - I went nowhere that night back to bed. The next day, the check was GONE - nowhere in the apartment. We NEVER found it. The same thing happened years later when I was living in Eden Prairie, MN with my 2nd husband; this time to my spare car keys. I came home, put them down, and never saw them again - EVER. Even when we moved, and emptied out every drawer and cupboard to pack, those keys never turned up again.

    So, I believe in gremlins who steal things, if nothing else ...

    What a neat story you told - thanks for sharing!


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